WeHo Halloween

My first Halloween in Los Angeles, I checked out the West Hollywood street fest with my buddy Benji. The town of WeHo closes down Sant Monica Boulevard for a dozen blocks are so, and the street is crowded with half a million locals dressed up in costume and drinking the night away.

We ended up at one of the bars on the strip; I don't even remember which one. Like all the bars that night, it was packed, and lines were long, so once you actually got in somewhere, you weren't likely to leave.

There was plenty of typical L.A. eye candy - personal trainers with killer bodies, wannabe actors with TV-ready good looks, and any number of superficial entertainment types.

We chatted with this one guy Ryan for a while. Ryan was an actor/model who fell back on motivational speaking. I was more interested in Ryan than my friend was, but Benji was cordial nonetheless. He'd lived in L.A. for a while so was quite over the Hollywood scene and, more specifically, the guys who went with it.

When it came time for Ryan to move on, he handed both Benji and me his business card, and said to drop him a line.

I took a look at the card. It contained the usual personal info like name, number, email address, and since this was L.A., also a sexy headshot.

Ryan quickly flipped the card over and said, "No, that side is for him. This side is for you."

On the reverse side, it was his business info for motivational speaking and life coaching, with a link to his website and rates. And since this was L.A., a suited-up professional pic.


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