Full House

While traveling through Wisconsin for work, I chatted with a guy on Grindr. He was bi, closeted, and discreet.

I had an hour to kill, so I thought I’d meet up with him.

When I got to his home, I was pleasantly surprised at how hot he was. He was clearly a bodybuilder, with his thick muscles covered in tattoos, veins popping.

He led me downstairs, warning that I had to be quiet because his parents were upstairs, which surprised me because this guy was in his late 20s.

When we get to his room, I hear the sounds of sex coming from a computer. Straight porn is playing.

We proceed to get naked. I expect to begin by kissing him, but instead, he thrusts his ass in my face, gyrating like a pole dancer. So I assumed he wanted me to rim him instead, but when I still his ass, he declares he doesn’t get into that. He’s not that gay.

But he does want my dick in his ass, which, you know, isn’t very gay at all, right?

As hot as he was, the entire experience kept me from getting hard – hearing the parents milling about upstairs, the moans of a chick on the computer screen, the contradictory sexual turn-ons, not sure what was acceptable or not, etc. I guess it was too much stress for my penis.

He said he was cool with it, but I say I need to go. He wants me to exit through the window in the washroom, as to circumvent the parents. I ask him if that’s really necessary, and he reluctantly agrees to let me leave through the front door, but we have to tiptoe.

Once outside, I see a guy who could only be his brother getting out of a car. When I text him about blowing his cover, he replies that it’s cool, as the brother knows what’s up.

I tell him it was nice meeting him, but instead of a reply, I just get blocked.

Have you been taken for a ride?

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