Smells Like a Shit Show

One night in Hollywood, I was with some friends at an afterparty at some random person's house. We sat on the porch drinking and taking smokes when I noticed guy after guy walking past us down the driveway.

I finally asked the host where everyone was going. He replied nonchalantly, "Oh, my roommate is having an orgy in the guest house.”

I am not the type of person you'd usually find at an orgy, but I was drunk and curious. A few minutes later, some guy asks if we'd like to walk back and check it out.

Why not?

So I walked back to find a big guy out front acting as a bouncer, assessing people before he allowed them in.

Fortunately - or unfortunately - I made the cut.

I walked into a dark living room. Porn played on a large screen TV. In front of the screen, three couples engaged in their own pornagraphic exploits.

I admit I was a bit excited, but also extremely nervous. I wanted to join in, but at the same time, I didn’t.

Before I could make a decision, one was made for me. A guy kneeled down in front of me, unzipped my pants, pulled them down, and went to work.

Then a second guy knelt in front of me and started assisting the first.

Then a third guy started kissing my chest.

Then a fourth made out with me.

My heart was racing, and I soon heard the sounds of sex emanating from the bedroom. I remembered a few guys heading in that direction when I first enetered.

Curious, I left the group in the living room to investigate.

I approached the bedroom. Inside, there was a hot guy laying on his back with a massive boner. He was sucking another guy kneeling next to him.

The more I wateched, the more tempted I became. Finally, I walked over and started to stroke the guy lying down. I thought about how hot it would be to suck this guy off.

I leaned in. When my mouth got mere inches from his cock, I caught a whiff of what smelled like ass.


I let go of it immediately. And gagged at my hand.

I rushed to the bathroom and cleaned up. And got the hell out of that place.

Have you been taken for a ride?

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